Monday, June 22, 2009

Add Films For Action Video Content on Your Blog or Website (V1.2)

With this widget you can easily add hundreds of the best socially-conscious videos to your blog or website in minutes.

We've tweaked and added some new functionality to our "Videos Being Watched Now at FilmsForAction.Org" widget. V.1.2 lets you scroll down to view more films, and the widget images are now transparent gifs, making it fit visually with a variety of different color schemes.

Get the code and read more.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What we're about

We believe a healthy, independent media is essential to a healthy democracy. It is essential to solving nearly every social and environmental problem activist groups like us and thousands of others are working to solve. Whether you care the most about addressing corporate harm, government corruption, peak oil, environmental collapse, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the war on working class people here at home - addressing the problem of the media has got to be our second most important priority. The corporate consolidation of the mass media in our country stands as one of the greatest bottlenecks impeding the efforts we take to create and find solutions. By creating our own communication channels we can break the bottleneck they have on the flow of information and cut right to the root of the problem.

With a robust, independent, and diverse local media network, we'll be able to launch more ambitious campaigns and win them more effectively. We'll be able to organize our community's latent collective energies into a powerful movement for social and environmental justice. And we'll finally see the tipping point where our energies spark a creative and widespread renaissance of sustainable innovation, new thinking, and new ways of life. At its essence, we'll be able to make real change happen for ourselves and for the earth. It all starts with an independent media.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

FIlms For Action Tops 300

We just hit our three hundredth video added to the Films For Action website . Having watched all of these videos I can say it’s an amazing collection of the best activist-issue films you can find scattered across the internet, all cataloged in one place.

Documentaries, short films, and other kinds of videos covering: activism, big media, climate change, consumerism, corporations, education, election fraud, impeachment, money, peak oil, politics, sustainability and a lot more.

Over the last year, our group has spent hours watching all sorts of videos, researching the issues they cover, and have done our best to include the best we’ve watched, while importantly, not including any films that are misleading, contain disinformation, or are just simply not that great.

We hope this collection provides a resource for getting informed on so many of the issues that are ignored by the mainstream media, and a way to raise awareness and spread the word to your friends. Just tell them, “ Films For Action dot org “. Cheers!